We combine years of experience in both the domestic and export lumber markets. After kiln drying all lumber is reinspected prior to shipment. Details of packaging, tallying, and documentation are controlled to meet strenuous export requirements. We source our lumber from the beautiful hardwoods of the surrounding Allegheny National Forest. The available rich timber resource of the surrounding region enables Penn-Sylvan to meet the competitive demand for consistent grain, color and configuration in both logs and lumber. After kiln drying, grade lumber is re-inspected prior to shipment. All shipments are graded to meet highest quality standards. Packaging, tallying, and documentation are controlled to meet customer requirements. Vice President and Sales Manager, Jay Reese is shown here.

Our veneer log division personnel, led by founder Bill Reese, shown here, have decades of hands-on experience in both the export and domestic hardwood industry. Our staff is trained to provide the high quality logs it takes to satisfy the demands of today's hardwood market. Let us supply you with the finest Pennsylvania veneer and hardwood logs! We are buyers of standing timber with a staff of foresters and natural resource consultants.